Hey, I'm Dusty!

Myself and the coaches who work with me help adults with ADHD to have more fun every day, feel successful, find their passion and GET MORE ORGANIZED!

You’ve got it in you, you just need a little help taking the first steps.

What Is ADHD Coaching?

ADHD Coaching is life coaching that is sensitive to, and takes into account, the framework of neurodivergence. ADHD Coaches help ADHD-impacted clients understand how to work with their brain, navigate around challenges related to organization, relationships, mood management, and motivation in order to find their passion and follow through on their goals. 

Working with a coach requires partnership; an ADHD Coach is not your boss or an expert – YOU are the expert of your life. Your coach is there to support you as you find the solutions and outcomes that work for you, to help keep you focused and motivated, and to help you wonder and find possibility, even in challenges.

You’ve got it in you, you just need a little help taking the first steps.

Our Coaching Services

We offer many kinds of coaching and support services to fit your need, schedule and budget!

Join the ADHD Studio

The ADHD Studio is our online coaching platform and ADHD community rolled into one! Through the Studio, you can access drop-in coaching sessions (or simply attend to hear others being coached!), weekly body doubling, and various Zoom-based social events. There are also self-paced workshops, accountability partners, and connect with other adults with ADHD from around the world.

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Pregnancy Coaching

Oh baby! Being pregnant with ADHD is fun! Pregnancy group coaching is a hybrid of prenatal class and ADHD coaching. Clients will have the opportunity to connect to other ADHDers during their pregnancy, learn skills to navigate pregnancy, labour and the postpartum period, get practical support to prepare for baby's arrival and get hands-on help to manage their ADHD during this time.

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Individual Coaching

ADHD coaching helps people get stuff done and achieve results! Working with a coach one-on-one means that you get individualized support. Together with your coach, you'll design a set of goals or outcomes for your time together, explore your strengths, test out solutions for your particular ADHD challenges, and build confidence in yourself.

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Group Coaching

Group Coaching is anaffordable alternative to 1:1 coaching!

Aside from helping clients master their ADHD and achieve goals, many clients find that group coaching gives them the unintended benefit of validation and connection by being in community with other adults who understand their lived experience.

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Upcoming Workshops & Classes


Rock Your ADHD is a 6-session “ADHD Basics” course. Each week, master-certified ADHD Coach Dusty Chipura will break down one aspect of ADHD such as emotional dysregulation, time blindness, procrastination and more and help you learn tips, tricks and strategies that have helped many ADHDers manage these issues. If you are new to your diagnosis and you want to learn to rock your ADHD, this course is for you!

Rock Your ADHD comes with 6 months free access to the ADHD Studio, a $300 value!

Course dates & info (please note, sessions cannot be drop-in or skipped based on topic; please plan to attend all sessions even if you’re not sure this topic applies to you!):

Saturday, March 30th 4-6 pm PST
chronic mess & disorganization

Saturday, April 6th 4-6 pm PST
time management

Saturday, April 20th 4-6 pm PST
procrastination & motivation

Saturday, May 4th 4-6 pm PST
emotional dysregulation

Saturday, May 11th 4-6 pm PST
consistency, routines & habits

Saturday, May 25th 4-6 pm PST
ADHD self care / bringing it all together


Are you swimming in clutter? Overwhelmed by the prospect of getting organized? ADHD strategies and tips are great, but often in order to implement them you have to be starting from a place of basic organization. How can you remember to check your planner if you can’t even find it?! The ADHD Bootcamp is a 6-session organizing blitz led by master-certified ADHD Coach Dusty Chipura. Over the course of 4 weekends, you’ll do 8-hour “body doubling” sessions with Dusty and the other participants to get your physical space, paperwork and life “reset” and organized! While the focus of the Bootcamp is doing rather than learning, Dusty will be talking with participants as you work about good ADHD management. However, if you are wanting to learn the skills to manage your ADHD, start with Rock Your ADHD first!

Comes with 6 months free access to the ADHD Studio!


Sunday June 2nd | 9 am to 5 pm PST

Sunday June 9th | 9 am to 5 pm PST

Saturday June 22nd | 9 am to 5 pm PST

Sunday June 23rd | 9 am to 5 pm PST

Saturday June 29th | 10 am to 2 pm PST

Sunday June 30th | 10 am to 2 pm PST

Optional: Bootcamp meet-up/accountability check in and “space reset” Aug 25th | 10 am to 2 pm PST

Bundle both & save - $425 USD

From the ADHD Blog

Chad Conference

This month, I’m excited to announce that I’ll be speaking at the annual CHADD Conference in Dallas, Texas on the topic of ADHD and pregnancy! I’m co-presenting with the wonderful Alix Bacon, president of the Canadian Midwives Association. Our talk will centre around what research findings tell us about the use of stimulant medication in

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5 Things Every Parent With ADHD Needs To Hear

Parenting with ADHD ain’t easy! We hear a lot about parenting a child who has ADHD, but what about when the parent has it? ADHD is a neurobiological disorder that impacts a person’s executive functioning skills – the ability to organize, self-regulate, inhibit impulses, focus and sustain attention, prioritize and make choices and more. ADHD

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Parenting With ADHD Ain’t Easy!

**please note: in this blog I use gendered language to describe motherhood but I am aware that there are many non-binary or trans parents with ADHD who carry and birth children and are the primary caregivers to newborns who may also have similar experiences to mine. I have chosen to mostly use the terms ‘mom’

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“It’s so easy to say something is a “life changer”. Cronuts are a life-changer, priority boarding is a life-changer. But Dusty and her ADHD coaching group are genuinely life changing. Dusty does an amazing job digging deep into the excuses we all make for ourselves. Not just the “why don’t you get this done” excuses but also the “why do you doubt your own brilliance excuses”.

– Alex M.

“Working with Kirsty has given me a greater awareness, empathy and understanding of my ADHD. Over the year of working together I’ve been on a journey to better understand and advocate for my ADHD. Kristy’s kindness, compassion and creatively is always a job to work with. I always leave feeling more grounded and empowered. I’d highly recommend working with her.” 

– Former Client, Anonymous

“Dusty was instrumental in my wedding coming together this past summer. Not only did she coach me in staying on task in the months leading up to the wedding, she also helped me come up with a plan to ensure that I was present on the day of. My ADHD often causes overstimulation, which can lead to me rushing through and barely remembering a day and my big fear was having that happen on my wedding day.

– Mel V. 

As Seen In


This is a notion template version of the ADHD & Pregnancy workbook. Use it to navigate your pregnancy week-by-week, fill out detailed checklists and worksheets and access information about managing your ADHD during your pregnancy. Designed by Sydni Rubio (What In The ADHD!) and created by Dusty Chipura and Alix Bacon, this notion template will help you have an organized, joyful and beautiful pregnancy!


This fillable, downloadable PDF is an all-in-one pregnancy journal for pregnant people with ADHD. Made in conjunction with Alix Bacon of the Midwives Association of BC, this journal will help you manage your pregnancy as well as assist you with thinking through the ways that ADHD may impact you during pregnancy.

Trying to decide between the Notion template and the workbook? Please note they are in essence the same – you do NOT need both! Choose the Notion template if you prefer a tech-savvy solution using the sleek, integrated streamlined layouts and that Notion has to offer. If you are less tech-oriented and would like a simple online PDF version, or would like to print something to have physically, choose the PDF workbook.