“It’s so easy to say something is a “life changer”. Cronuts are a life-changer, priority boarding is a life-changer. But Dusty and her ADHD coaching group are genuinely life changing. Dusty does an amazing job digging deep into the excuses we all make for ourselves. Not just the “why don’t you get this done” excuses but also the “why do you doubt your own brilliance excuses”. Then she helps make actually actionable plans that clears closets and tramples to-do’s. All of this wrapped up in a positive attitude complete with theme songs and prize wheels.

I personally wouldn’t have had the organization or the focus to complete my second book without her. She helped me discover everything that was sapping my energy in my life, and then applied a system to reduce a mountain of problems into manageable molehills. Without these invisible distractions weighing on me, I had the means to take on a big nebulous task that benefited my entire non-profit.

If you want to get as much done as you dream you could, join this collective. Sports teams have coaches, orchestras have conductors, we have Dusty and the ADHD Studio.” 

– Alex M.

“Working with Kirsty has given me a greater awareness, empathy and understanding of my ADHD. Over the year of working together I’ve been on a journey to better understand and advocate for my ADHD. Kristy’s kindness, compassion and creatively is always a job to work with. I always leave feeling more grounded and empowered. I’d highly recommend working with her.”

 – former client, anonymous

“Dusty was instrumental in my wedding coming together this past summer. Not only did she coach me in staying on task in the months leading up to the wedding, she also helped me come up with a plan to ensure that I was present on the day of. My ADHD often causes overstimulation, which can lead to me rushing through and barely remembering a day and my big fear was having that happen on my wedding day. Through careful planning and coaching with Dusty, I was able to not only be present on my wedding day, but it was the best day of my life and I remember every part of it. Even more so, our friends and family said it was a wonderful party and that they had a blast. The success of the entire event was due largely in part to Dusty’s coaching and systems to stay on track and organized leading up to the big day! Thank you Dusty!”

– Mel V.