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Check out these resources for further support with managing your ADHD!



Dani Donovan is a leading ADHD influencer and mental health advocate creating comics and infographics about ADHD. She will be releasing her ‘Anti-Planner’ in mid-2022, a fun self-help guide to managing all aspects of ADHD. She has been the keynote speaker at the CHADD conference in 2021 and has given talks at Amazon, Google and more about ADHD

Caroline Maguire is an ADHD Coach with a Master’s Degree in Education and more than 20+ years of coaching for ADHD and social skills. Her website features various offerings for improving your social connection and helping your child develop theirs!

KC Davis, better known as @domesticblisters on TikTok, is leading the “shame exorcism” revolution around decoupling shame from care tasks, hygiene and household management. Check out all her helpful resources here!

Black Girl, Lost Keys

René Brooks is a late-life ADHD success story. After being diagnosed 3 times as a child (age 7, 11, and 25), she was finally able to get the treatment she deserved. René decided that her passion for helping others should be put toward people with this disorder who are struggling in silence or shame. She started Black Girl, Lost Keys to empower black women with ADHD and show them how to live well with the condition.

René’s website features her insightful blog as well as webstore with her super useful digital books on topics such as household cleaning, time management and more, as well as tons of fun and helpful products for your ADHD!

Loop Ear Plugs

I partner with Loop Earplugs because I know how overstimulating a lot of auditory input can be. Loop Earplugs are committed to creating products that help neurodivergent folks find calm and navigate the world on their own terms. There are several styles available to help you manage various levels of auditory input. Use the code LOOPXDUSTY for a 15% discount!


How To Keep House While Drowning - KC Davis

USA TODAY Bestseller

This revolutionary approach to cleaning and organizing helps free you from feeling ashamed or overwhelmed by a messy home.

If you’re struggling to stay on top of your to-do list, you probably have a good reason: anxiety, fatigue, depression, ADHD, or lack of support. For therapist KC Davis, the birth of her second child triggered a stress-mess cycle. The more behind she felt, the less motivated she was to start. She didn’t fold a single piece of laundry for seven months. One life-changing realization restored her sanity—and the functionality of her home: You don’t work for your home; your home works for you.

Why Will No One Play With Me? - Caroline Maguire

Being good with people is a critical social emotional skill! Caroline Maguire shares resources, courses and tools derived from her book and years of working with kids and adults.

Why Will No One Play with Me? is a practical guide for parents, educators, clinicians and adults to learn HOW TO overcome chronic social exclusion or disruption that targets specific social skills deficits.