Pregnancy Coaching

Pregnancy Group Coaching is available for ADHDers who are currently pregnant! Pregnancy coaching helps you to manage your ADHD during pregnancy, and to have the best pregnancy experience possible. Dusty is a trained doula, and this one-of-a-kind service brings together prenatal class, personal doula services and ADHD Coaching to help pregnant clients function better and have fun during this exciting time!

The current Pregnancy Group Coaching cohort is running from June to August 2022. If you'd like to join pregnancy group coaching, please send us a message!


This fillable, downloadable PDF is an all-in-one pregnancy journal for pregnant people with ADHD. Made in conjunction with Alix Bacon of the Midwives Association of BC, this journal will help you manage your pregnancy as well as assist you with thinking through the ways that ADHD may impact you during pregnancy.


Pregnancy coaching is ADHD Coaching for pregnant individuals. Unlike regular ADHD coaching, which focuses on long-term goals and immediate ADHD management strategies, pregnancy coaching shifts the focus to ADHD management during pregnancy, pregnancy planning and organization during the prenatal and postnatal period, with some general teaching about good ADHD management mixed in. Pregnancy ADHD Coaching pairs coaching with prenatal class. Focuses include getting ready for baby, pregnancy self-care, emotional regulation, boundaries, labour management techniques, care for your postnatal body, and infant care.