Chad Conference

This month, I’m excited to announce that I’ll be speaking at the annual CHADD Conference in Dallas, Texas on the topic of ADHD and pregnancy! I’m co-presenting with the wonderful Alix Bacon, president of the Canadian Midwives Association. Our talk will centre around what research findings tell us about the use of stimulant medication in … Read more

5 Things Every Parent With ADHD Needs To Hear

Parenting with ADHD ain’t easy! We hear a lot about parenting a child who has ADHD, but what about when the parent has it? ADHD is a neurobiological disorder that impacts a person’s executive functioning skills – the ability to organize, self-regulate, inhibit impulses, focus and sustain attention, prioritize and make choices and more. ADHD … Read more

Parenting With ADHD Ain’t Easy!

**please note: in this blog I use gendered language to describe motherhood but I am aware that there are many non-binary or trans parents with ADHD who carry and birth children and are the primary caregivers to newborns who may also have similar experiences to mine. I have chosen to mostly use the terms ‘mom’ … Read more

You Are Not Your Mistakes

In a coaching session with a client a few days ago, I came up against the concept of making mistakes as a person with ADHD and it inspired a lot of thoughts in me. If you are a person with ADHD, your mistakes are to you what alcoholism is to an alcoholic; even if you … Read more